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Powerful bot help for built best discord server

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 Here We provide high level Welcome function we will provide you random embed color and image function.

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 We Will provide same as Welcome message in advance Level.

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 In this function we will provide you high level music audio quality with volume adjustable Command. Must play the music and see the power of our music.

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Reaction Role

  We Will provide you fast role give response and 50 Reaction role at one time in your server.

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 Server Owner love to grind. Use our leveling system identify and reward the most active members of your community! Let them show off a cool customizable rank card and compete for the mighty first spot of your leaderboard! Level up Reward is most so we provide you level up reward also.

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 Every One Want a giveaway function so we provide you giveaway function in that you get create function, delete giveaway function, reroll function. So must try it.

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Youtube Notification

 Setup your favourite YouTube streamer and set your YouTube video notification. It's also give notification where you and your favourite YouTuber will upload video or do live notification it's provide you notification in your server. It's easy to setup and fast response.

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 We Will Provide you ticket function also. Many of the bots not give but will provide you high level ticket function.


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